We are a group of Data Science (DS) enthusiasts hoping to be helpful to those working in DS activities in broad areas of Drug Development. Your answers will help us make our efforts relevant to your needs and we will share the summary of the survey responses in a blog and a presentation later on. All answers are anonymous. Thank You for Your help!

We are very grateful to RSS Data Science group and to James Weatherall (AZ) for sharing useful information and helping us to shape up our survey!

Your DS projects come from ... (multiple choices possible)

What is the highest degree that you hold?

What is your background?

What is your current affiliation?

what is your organisation size?

Does your organisation have ...

Who sets the direction for your DS team?

What is the focus of Your DS related work ? (multiple choices possible)

How often are you involved in tasks related to DS ?

What level of experience in DS do you have?

What are the data sources for your DS projects? (multiple choices possible)

What validation/formal code development procedures (QC) do you employ in DS projects, if any?

Do you or your team use planning tools for project objectives and pre-planned analysis?

What software do you use in organisational DS projects?

What tools/technology do you use for DS projects?

What are the biggest challenges related to DS in your daily activities?

Please tick, which are the most urgent and persistent in your organisation. Additional comments can be provided in the text box below.

What messages, relevant to DS activities, would you like to share with your senior management?

Do you think your/your team's work add value for your organisation?

How do you see yourself developing in the near future?

Do you think career progression is achievable within your organisation at the moment?

How can the PSI Data Science SIG best support you?